I have been asked by a local newspaper what are my solutions to the problem of school shootings and gun violence. Here there are...

Dear gun control supporter, 
please take few minutes of your precious time between your marches on the streets and crying in front of tv cameras.
This letter may help you in understanding better the matter of gun control in the United States of America.

The globalists are using the controlled media and the useful pawns of several leftist groups like Antifa and BLM to try to associate the word "nationalist" with "racist". The real truth is that their is goal to suppress the word "nationalist" as concept of who oppose of global government...

a Free Market Solution in Funding Mohave County Libraries 
without the Use of Forced Taxation
by Gianluca Zanna

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." Thomas Jefferson 

Welcome to my collections of Erotic Poems and Love Visions, a work that spans over 3 decades of my life. I’ve selected for this book, some of my erotic and love poems I wrote since I was in my early teens while still in Rome, Italy...

Music usurped his heart, and has become Zanna’s chief form of expression. He has written and produced more than 100 songs, and plays electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, bass and harmonica. His love song, “Chiara,” is a typical light rock melody, with a little Italian passion and angst.

Since landing in the U.S., his ballads are less about young lovers making out in the Piazza di Spagna and more focused on politics. Zanna joined patriotic movements even before he was a citizen here, and seems devoted to the cause. “Politics means your freedom, your life and how you live it,” he claims.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2017/02/meet-a-real-american-gladiator-yes-really/#QVoU3GPFWrudjQQh.99

"Lyrics and Poems" by Gianluca Zanna is a lifetime collection, documenting the emotional journey of a young man from Italy who made his dream for freedom a reality by coming to America...


Don't Tread on US – the Freedom Rifle by Zanna

the most affordable military grade semiautomatic AR15 rifle

with Free US Constitution and FREE training... for Just $499!

Made in the USA

The battle between the forces of good and evil is eternal and it started before even we were born in our physical bodies.

Whereas, The United Nations has
usurped the sovereignty of the United States of America, and, exerted undue influence over our legislative process, and has shown itself to be the arbiter of the one world government, that we believe to be socialist in nature...

"How to defeat the New World Order",
a freedom manifesto against global tyranny by Gianluca Zanna
FREE DOWNLOAD, please share.

Premise: I am not a preacher, or a saint, but I am just a sinner who can read and compare in a humanistic scientific way two messages expressed in 2 religions.

To find the true message of a religion we should find the roots into their prophet....

I am receiving several emails and IMs about the fact that the Paris terrorist attack was a simulated event.
I have an open mind but I was not there. Regardless...


When a Statist or a Collectivist Liberal Fascist wants to debate me about taking my guns or creating more gun control, normally, politely, I state that my Rights are not for negotiation or for debate; but if he/she really insists, out of goodness of my heart, and just for academic and philosophical purposes once in a while, I like to engage them in an honest exchange of opinions.

Somebody recently pointed out on my FB wall that being outspoken about some serious matters like corrupted government, new world order and similar, it makes me a target and it can be dangerous.
His "advice" was to keep the head down and Why make yourself a target?"...

Everytime you kiss me you open the gate of my universe

letting my infinite explode into you,

Looking into your eyes and I can see your soul

Like two worlds colliding in each other we are now blending into a new star

"A sick population cannot fight a revolution, it cannot stand for freedom but it will be dependent and it will the defend the same system who is keeping it in bondage."


"California Gov. Jerry Brown agreed to provide healthcare for all illegal immigrants under age 19, costing Golden State taxpayers $130 million."

A Message to my fellow Americans and brothers from around the world who stand for freedom

We lost control of our government some time ago, and now with Obama, it is just more in the open. Or is it more comfortable to believe we are still in the America your fathers and grandfathers grew up in?

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The Line in the Sand

A free gift to all the GMN listeners...

by Gianluca Zanna


May 2014 I was invited to speak at the Lake Havasu Tea Party...
the prospective from a former Legal Immigrant of what's happening and what are options are to stop this tyranny.
NDAA, Patriot Act, Obama, Bush, Federal Reserve, New World Order, Martial Law, Second Amendment, Property Rights, United Nations, and solutions...here it is...

A sick population cannot fight a revolution. The establishment wants us sick and dependent. Over a month ago a friend of mine shared with me Protandim. That was one of the most important day of my life. Please listen, do your own researches and check the testimonials


Very honored to collaborate with a great patriot and movie producer, now even music distributor of my songs Paul Wittenberger just finished to produce a super compilation of some of my best songs I wrote the last 10 years...
great job Paul and thanks for sharing my message and my music... WATCH THE VIDEO



A video I took during the peaceful standoff with the BLM who were pointing loaded rifles at us... the Bundy's family was asking for the return of their cattle... I am proud to say I was there with my fellow Americans. We won the first battle. The war for our Rights has just started.

 A gun without ammo, is like an expansive paper holder....

There is a saying: “I have a gun to defend my person, a shotgun to defend my castle, a rifle to defend my liberty.”

I have been asked by a board member of the GV Fire dept why a friend of mine

was going after the Fire District and himself. I have said many times, I speak for myself and I am nobody's spoke person.  Everybody is responsible for their mouth.

But since I have been asked my position about the ordeal of the GVFD here is my position...

For all the people who support Socialism, and you come and challenge me about the failure of the Capitalistic system, here is my answer. Let's not confuse Corporatism with true free market. What we have today is the union between State and corporations = Fascism, or crony capitalism, just another shade of socialism that includes corporate welfare.
In the socialism system the masses use the force of the government to legally steal from the individual, and there is no true private ownership.

First of all I don't believe in violence, I am a peaceful man who believes that the first weapon against evil is Love, followed by knowledge and spirit of sacrifice toward our fellow men.

I am aware that we live in a physical dimension where the battle between good and evil interacts in physical ways, and besides the power of the prayers, I believe that also we need physical tools to save the innocents, life and liberty. The nazis were defeated with spirit of sacrifice of great men but they were armed and trained with many good rifles....

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

It should be pretty self explanatory. Even a former immigrant like me, without any law degree, and without any formal education, can understand the true meaning of this amendment....

Ok, let's sum it up...

1) We have a proven wanna be Stalin from Kenya that sits in the control room in the White House...
2) Homeland security buys over 2 billions rounds of hollow point ammunition and Over 3000 armored vehicles for US soil of course...
3) For the first time in American History we have Chinese troops on US soil training with our military in Hawaii right now.....

They own also the Sun, shut up SLAVE and ask for a County permit!

Are we slaves or free? Even in Mohave County where I live,

we have been accustomed to being docile serfs.

Mohave County Riflemen Fellowship

The Mohave County Riflemen Fellowship is a spontaneous grass root group of fellow Americans located in Mohave County Arizona with the common goal to share the skills of how to become a true Rifleman in the tradition of our Founding Fathers.
You don't need to be an expert... our goal is to share our "wealth" of information and help you to become a true rifleman.

Ok Mohave County Patriots... and all Americans.

This is an invitation to a different type of welcome party. After reading this news from California, it gives me the inspiration to fly a brand new Chinese flag at the Range in Golden Valley... starting from 25 yards all the way to 1000 yards...
It is almost funny if it was not so serious to read on the Kingman Daily Miner comments and letters to the editor from people from other States, most of them living in big cities, telling us what we should be doing in Arizona and in our rural Mohave County regarding the re introduction of the Mexican Grey Wolves.
I have 3 words for you: mind your business.

My name is brother Luca Zanna and I am the founder of the Religion of Freedom.
If you come here in peace, I welcome you.
This Religious belief is protected by the First and Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.
I'd like to welcome everybody to this unorganized spontaneous religion, but with just few exceptions: Liberals, Neocons, Obamanoids, War mongers, Control Freaks, Antigun rights feel good sheeps, Commies/Socialists/Fascists, Collectivists, Government "Whoreshippers", Abortionist Baby Killers, and similar...
YOU ARE NOT WELCOME, may the mercy of the Lord and our Creator forgive your sins...
and keep your smelly bodies away from me, as far as possible.

We have been brainwashed at least the last 30 years that America is a democracy. President after president, no matter what party affiliation, they have been repeating the same mantra: “we are a democracy” “we must spread democracy” and so go on. Our founding fathers never even mentioned in the Constitution and/or the Declaration of Independence such double edged word. They feared democracy and so should us....

I tried to keep personal feelings separate from politics but when politics deeply reaches in our pocket and personal liberties, the essence of statism/socialism, then it becomes all one...

I want to thank AZ House Rep. Doris Goodale to have really motivated me, and now I am really politically pissed off. We will clean the house, we will clean the garbage out of our party... and make Mohave county the #1 County in Arizona for freedom and individual rights. I have a message to all the socialists collectivists in this board and Mohave County.... I am your worst political enemy, please don't interact with me, I have nothing to say to you, and we have nothing in common. I swear to God that I will use every energy I have in my body to avoid that Arizona will become another socialist place like Italy that I left behind.

My name is Gianluca Zanna and I am a naturalized American Citizen.

Where there is Freedom, Prosperity will follow

A message to our County Supervisors
by Gianluca Zanna


Wherever there is Freedom, people always prosper. It's a proven fact.

When America used to be the beacon of Freedom in the world, then we used to be the most prosperous nation among all. Same story for the different States of this Union, not every State is created equal,

Come and Take it OBAMA!! Second Amendment Rally in Mohave County Arizona

January 25th 2013, high noon, in front of the Mohave County Sheriff Office over 150 men and women (and some kids too) peacefully did exercise their first and second amendment...

Protest in Kingman: COME AND TAKE IT OBAMA!

When: Friday 25th of January High Noon 12.00 PM

Where: in front of Mohave County Office Sheriff Office 600 West Beale Street Kingman, AZ

Some videos from AZ Television News about my struggle with Mohave County for my first Amendment during the sen. McCain Townhall meeting in 2009 in Kingman...


Here is well written article on the Standard NewsPaper in Mohave County AZ

The Article is about myself and my vision regarding preparation and survival.


I stand in front of God as my witness,

in the date of the 27th of December 2012 A.D.

I pledge my life, my wealth and my honor...

Happiness... can be made of small little things... find it now.

A poem I wrote when I was in my 20s... when I was still a windsurfer traveling around the world...
This poem became a song.

My best friend

a poem by Gianluca Zanna copyright 2012

a poem by Gianluca Zanna copyright 2000

A little premise: I am not a Romney fan, and as elected national delegate for the GOP I tried to exposed him for the phony conservative that he is. Nothing about his persona, not an opinion... just following and exposing his voting records. I am also always very open to criticize my own party when wrong, so much that I believe that both parties are controlled at the top level by the same special interests and global elites.

My Federal Lawsuit against Mohave County:
case dismissed
, Serfs go back to your shacks.

Saturday 11 August 2012 I had the pleasure to be interviewed for the coming documentary "Shade"

Mohave County AZ May 8th 2012 

Today is May 8th 2012 and I have just found out thanks to my Antimalaware software Malwarebytes that my computer has been and it still is under cyber attack by the DoD Network Information Center or Department of Defense... the US Military??

I did not write this report, but I have compiled all these facts that proof the danger of the United Nations to our Freedom, Individual Rights and Sovereignty...

feel free to download my song "Get Us Out of the United Nations" in my CD Wake Up America, You can download the single track for just 99 cents on amazon or on this site...
and then spread the song to everybody...

We must expose these global tyrants

Luca Zanna

World government through the United Nations is a serious threat to the freedom of all Americans. Imagine being held prisoner in a foreign land and tried in an international court with judges from such countries as Afghanistan, China, or Iraq.

Wake up Americans. It's almost midnight... no more time to play stupid, no
more time to be afraid of the truth, no more time to hide behind a party mantra...

there is no difference, and you know it, even if you may not want to admit it.
The truth is that we have been sold out by both parties. Don't trust my words, just look at the facts, just look at their voting records, just look at where we are right now as a Nation, look at your bank account (and theirs), look at your lost freedoms...

The end of free market in Arizona...

My farewell letter to Neocon Con-gressman Trent Franks...

Silence is consent: now America
is under martial law
Are you going to stay silent or scream for Freedom?
H.R. 1540, the National Defense Authorization Act

by Gianluca Zanna

Feel free to share with your friends and family... if you agree with my message...
otherwise, get lost :)






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