I want to thank AZ House Rep. Doris Goodale to have really motivated me, and now I am really politically pissed off. We will clean the house, we will clean the garbage out of our party... and make Mohave county the #1 County in Arizona for freedom and individual rights. I have a message to all the socialists collectivists in this board and Mohave County.... I am your worst political enemy, please don't interact with me, I have nothing to say to you, and we have nothing in common. I swear to God that I will use every energy I have in my body to avoid that Arizona will become another socialist place like Italy that I left behind.


24 hours hunger strike to protest Rep. Doris Goodale

June 21st 7.00 AM in front of the Sheriff office 600 W. Beale Street Kingman, AZ

24 hours hunger strike - no sleep - no food - only 1 glass of water to peacefully protest and expose Rep. Doris Goodale and her treasonous votes in favor of expansion Medicaid/Obamacare and federal socialistic "re-education school program, called "CORE". Simple as that.
I am just a man, but I will do everything legally and ethically is possible to expose any socialist dressed as phony republican in our County.
Everybody is welcome to join me even for just 1 hour...
this is not an organized event just a spontaneous exercise of first and second amendment.

The hunger strike will go on till Saturday 22nd of June 7:00 AM for full 24 hours

Luca Zanna

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