My name is Gianluca Zanna,
I am a former Italian citizen, now American Citizen and proud citizen of the State of Arizona.
I am also a business owner and "refugee" from the socialist state of California.
I moved 6 years ago from California because Arizona was still a free State where the government was not involved in regulating the free market and interfering in the individual rights of the People.
Today I am very concerned about SB1338
According to Wall Street Journal:
"State Sen. Al Melvin ( R., Tucson) introduced a bill last week that would tax online sales of any company with a warehouse, distribution center or similar place of business in the state, Tucson Citizen reported."
After reading about SB 1338, I realize that something terribly wrong is happening in our State.
The function of the state should be in defending our properties, our individual rights, providing the basic public services and defending our Borders. Never I have heard that government should side with a segment of the Business population and to penalize other part of businesses.
The US supreme court have already ruled on this matter regarding the sale tax with interstate sales.
If the purpose of this "fascistic" bill (Definition of Fascism by Benito Mussolini: union of the state and the corporations) was to increase revenues for the state, I am sorry to bring bad news: less Businesses will move to Arizona if they will be penalized for their Internet presence. Today every successful retailer is also on the internet...
And even worst... Businesses will leave Arizona.
Don't forget the potential lost of real estate values, hiring people, payroll taxes, income taxes...
I have 3 personal friends business owners from California that were ready to move to Arizona, and after they have heard about SB1338 have already changed their minds.
Thank you Sen. Melvin... your bill was already successful. Even before it passed.

I don't want to move to Nevada... but if this bill goes through, I will be forced, since I cannot and I will not force customers from the other 49 states to pay sale tax to Arizona that they don't owe.
If this bill is pushed because some Arizona retailers that are complaining and lobbying for it, they should start to understand the concept of free market, to learn how to use the internet, instead than lobbying in "castrating" other business owners that have been successful on the web.
I hope the good legislators of the State of Arizona understand the gravity and the potential negative economic repercussions of SB1338 and they will stop it.

Luca Zanna
GOP State Delegate Precinct Committeeman

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