Come and Take it OBAMA!! Second Amendment Rally in Mohave County Arizona
January 25th 2013, high noon, in front of the Mohave County Sheriff Office over 150 men and women (and some kids too) peacefully did exercise their first and second amendment to send a message to Mr. Obama and all the other tyrants that want to disarm the American People or implement any type of gun registration or ban...
"in Mohave County Arizona We will not comply! COME AND TAKE IT!"
We also supported our County Sheriff Tom Sheahan for his official stand in not enforcing any future assault weapon ban or registration in Mohave County.
At the event law abiding Citizens were carrying numerous "assault weapons" among those AK47, M14, the "sinister" AR15, all with those extremely high capacity magazines...
but, strangely enough, nobody got "assaulted" or hurt... Everybody was cordial, polite, safe and we all had a great time, sharing flowers, hugs and love for our Constitution and fellow Americans.
I think we were the safest place all over Mohave County.
watch the video here and feel free to share with everybody

Luca Zanna

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