Federal intrusion and Global Government  in wolves clothes
by Gianluca Zanna

It is almost funny if it was not so serious to read on the Kingman Daily Miner comments and letters to the editor from people from other States, most of them living in big cities, telling us what we should be doing in Arizona and in our rural Mohave County regarding the re introduction of the Mexican Grey Wolves.
I have 3 words for you: mind your business.
I personally, like many of the People that live in the rural part of Mohave county that I know, we are not afraid of the wolves, like we are not afraid of any other wild animal if we are allowed to use our basic natural rights of self defense and defense of property, which includes our domestic animals, that are for many part of our family and way of life.
What I am afraid is the federal government taking more control of our lives under the excuse of the "wolves" or any wild animal under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).
Are you aware that you cannot kill a wolf protected by the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in almost any circumstance? You are deprived of your basic individual constitutional right of protection of private property, facing the threat of $100,000 fine and mandatory prison sentence for killing an endangered wolf killing ones' livestock?
Imagine if that was your dog, your cat, or your cattle... that means your way to sustain your family.
If you live in the city, please think for a moment, and put yourself in our shoes: we live in the country and off the land. Many of us have a ranch or a farm, already over regulated by the FDA, EPA and some other federal unconstitutional agencies... now on our private property we are surrounded by a new predator, released intentionally by the federal government, protected under the ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT... that means in plain English: we cannot protect our animals (that means my livelihood) and our property.
Our land will be worth less... We must keep paying property taxes that soon we cannot afford anymore...
Our 2 options: to sell for penny on the dollar and move to a city... or fight back and stand the line. I opt for the option # 2.
All this "wonderful" feel good eco green fascism is happening under the Agenda 21 sponsored by the socialistic United Nations. Under this treaty their is goal is to relocate humanity in big cities, and control all the natural resources, making impossible for private citizens to own private property. Simple as that.
If you see the map of agenda 21 (please google it), Mohave County is stuck in the middle of it.

The only hope we have is to educate each other about these issues. Only after enough individuals in our community, lead by our State and County Representatives, and our Sheriff, are aware of the real motivation of these federal acts of tyranny, we will be able to reach a critical mass and we will be able to stand against these federal thugs and stop them at our County's and State's gate.
It is not about the wolves, it is not about the nature... it is about federal control over our state, county and private property.
It is about global government and the lost of our Sovereignty.

Gianluca Zanna

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