A Message to my fellow Americans and brothers from around the world who stand for freedom

Luca Zanna

In case something happens to me, like they find me with 3 rounds in the back of my head and they say that I committed suicide, let me be on the record, one more time: no, I will never commit suicide. Or if you never hear me on the air anymore, and you go on the internet and any of my sites like www.zanna.us or www.lovegunsfreedom.com are down, no I did not leave for a vacation to the Bahamas or moved to Switzerland, but something had happened to me.

Why am I saying that? Am I paranoid? Maybe lately a little bit, but mostly I would call myself a person with eyes and ears, and something between my ears... called brain. I can still see and feel when I get followed, and when I hear on my cellphones the clicks and the beeps everytime I talk about some "controversial" topics, like Obama, the Clintons and the Bushes can all rot in hell because are puppets of the New World Order :)

And the phone ringing no stop every hour for 24 hours before I am ready to join my fellow Americans to support the Bundy's family in April 2014, after I do an interview on the phone with one of the Bundy's family.

The attempted hacks like few years ago when I have caught the DOD IP address trying to infiltrate my desktop... look at the youtube video of that situation... or when I had a drone above my office... coming at night few times, or when I find that the IP address from the federal government visits periodically my site www. Zanna.US and of course these cheap bastards never buy any of my songs :)

No, I am not blind, I am not naïve and I understand what's going on here: we are living in a new type of technofascism, and not because I am still here, I do not assume that things can get worst.

Things are moving fast, Jade Helm 15 is just another example. As I have said, my humble radio show “Love, Guns & Freedom” and my attempt to wake up my fellow Americans everyday God has given me on this planet, it is an act of love.
I do not need the fame, I do not need the extra attention, and definitely I am not doing it because I want a career in radio... I am already happy with what I am, I have more than I need and more than I deserve... after all I live in Arizona... and I have all the guns, pasta and wine I can handle.

So, my dear friends, I am very aware of the risks and the potential scenarios may happen in the near future. I take it as an honor to have been put in this position, it means, that I have been doing my part, and I will continue to do my best, until blood runs into my veins.
Please, never be afraid, and never stop exposing evil and tyranny. After all, all they can take is our body, but they will never be able to conquer our spirit of freedom.
Whatever will happen the next few days, weeks or months, the show must go on.

Long live to the Republic and let's send the New World Order back to hell where it belongs.


Gianluca Zanna




PS to all the evil doers...
I am not afraid of you. I already told you.

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