Luca Zanna United Nations Day at the shooting range
Ok Mohave County Patriots... and all Americans.
This is an invitation to a different type of welcome party. After reading this news from California, it gives me the inspiration to fly a brand new Chinese flag at the Range in Golden Valley... starting from 25 yards all the way to 1000 yards...
Also we will celebrate United Nations Day, in a very special way. In honor of their desire to destroy American Sovereignty, and our individual Rights, (among them our Second Amendment) we will fly the UNITED NATIONS flag in a very special way too!
Everybody is welcome to show our appreciation for communism and global government... any rifle will do... from 22 LR all the way to 50 BMG... this message IS NOT for the Chinese people oppressed by communism (I pray for you), but only for the ones that believe in suppressing freedom and individual rights. Email me if you want to be part of this coming historical youtube and I will give you location, date and time.
If you are not in Mohave County, I invite you to do a similar event... and share it with the world.
Bring your rifle and let's send a message to the commies around the world, included ours.
Luca Zanna
Italian by Birth, American by Choice

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