Mohave County Riflemen Fellowship
The Mohave County Riflemen Fellowship is a spontaneous grass root group of fellow Americans located in Mohave County Arizona with the common goal to share the skills of how to become a true Rifleman in the tradition of our Founding Fathers.
You don't need to be an expert... our goal is to share our "wealth" of information and help you to become a true rifleman.
At the same time our goal is to create a fellowship among each others sharing love for America,
our Constitution and our Heritage of Liberty.
Luca Zanna
Here are our guidelines to become part of our Fellowship:

1) A Mohave County Rifleman Fellow shoots without bench, using the sling and mastering the 3 different basic positions: standing, sitting and prone.

2) A Mohave County Rifleman Fellow is accurate enough to score "expert" on the Army Qualification Course.

3) A Mohave County Rifleman Fellow can hit body shots (20 inches group or 4 Minute of Angle) at 500 yards... with the iron sight...

4) A Mohave County Rifleman Fellow knows and understands the Bill of Rights.

5) A Mohave County Rifleman Fellow believes in Honor, Peace, Liberty and Justice for All.

6) A Mohave County Rifleman help each other and their fellow Americans in moment of needs.

7) A Mohave County Rifleman is honest, peaceful, but fearless against evil and live by his/her word.

No fees are requested to join our fellowship. Just bring 1 or more boxes of Ammo of any rifle caliber as symbolic contribution. These ammo will be used for new student riflemen in training that cannot afford them.

to join us, contact me for the details

Luca Zanna
Italian by birth, American by choice

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