My Federal Lawsuit against Mohave County:
case dismissed
, Serfs go back to your shacks.

After waiting for almost 2 years since the beginning of the federal lawsuit vs Mohave County in defense of our Freedom of Speech on County property,  federal Judge Snow, decided that we don't deserve even 20 minutes for oral arguments by our attorney. Case dismissed. That's what I'd call a classic "snowjob".
I am not surprised, and I did not expect any better.
After all, let's not forget we are living in a new Amerika now, where the State has power to detain indefinitely American Citizens without having access to a jury, a lawyer or a judge (see NDAA 2012), just because "suspected" to be terrorists.
We are living now in a new Amerika where the State can kill an American Citizen on a secret list, without conviction or due process, again, just because "suspected" to be a terrorist.
We are living in a new Amerika where the CIA Director mr. Panetta has admitted on video that they get authorization from the UN to go to War, not anymore from Congress.
We are living in a new Amerika where the government can come into your home without a warrant whenever they feel like it (Patriot Act)... and much more.

Are we still so worried about our First Amendment on a pathetic County property when we are ready to be snuffed like rabid dogs if we don't agree with the holy government ? Wake up... this is another proof... we don't live anymore in a Constitutional Republic... we are under a corporate fascism... can you finally smell it?? and we became just plain good old fashion slaves... we have been given the illusion that we are free, so we will not feel the weight of the chain that we have been carrying around our necks for years... the problems is that we are not aware of it, yet. Or at least some of us not yet.

“None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.”

Regardless the verdict, I am happy to have exposed the County behavior in the last 2 years thanks to the media and other concern Citizens that have joined me into this struggle for our God given rights. I am happy to have seen so many new people getting involved into the process, writing letters to the editor, going to County meetings, running for office at any level, speaking out, exposing corruption... Something that I never would have imagined to happen when I moved to Mohave County 6 years ago.

I am so happy to have seen Mr. Sockwell finally going back to mind his own private business with a forced retirement, losing the primaries to some new blood to run our County business like Mrs Hildy Angius (brava).
If there is a way to get our government back, at any level, it will be done getting involved from bottom up.
If there is a way to fix a broken machine, is to become part of it, and to fix it from within.
I am confident that some of the new elected County supervisors, the new elected precinct commitemen and women, they will address this matter of Freedom of Speech in a more constitutional way and we will make Mohave County an example of what America used to be, when it was still the land of the Free, not the land of the Fee under the corporate control of power monger unelected buroc-rats.
I would pursue a lawsuit like this, again, and again, even knowing the results ahead of time. The only thing I regret that we did not choose a Jury trial but we went for the Summary Judgement by a single man, a man called judge but still a man.
The important thing in my opinion, is to engage evil and tyranny in a peaceful and fearless way, regardless the odds of success: fight back!
We may loose a battle, but at the end we will win the war of ideas because Freedom is a powerful weapon, and our US and Arizona Constitution are the right ammunition.

I want to thank my attorney Marc Victor and his staff, and all the media that have amplified this message of Freedom.
I reserve the right to appeal the verdict.
May God bless America and damn the queen and all the kings.
Gianluca Zanna

Attached is the order from Judge Snow on  our case against Mohave County.  Our request for oral arguments was denied because he felt that both parties had an adequate opportunity to present the law and evidence in their motions.  The Judge reviewed the arguments and denied our Motion for Summary Judgment and granted the defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment.    The Judge felt that the McCain Town hall meeting was best classified as a limited public or non-public forum and in such forums restraints imposed on speech activities like leafleting are permissible so long as the restraints are (1) “viewpoint neutral” and (2) “reasonable in light of the purpose served by the forum.”  He stated that opening the meeting to questions did not make the meeting a traditional or designated public forum.   The case has been dismissed.
The Judge did rule on Kanelos’s case as well, in that case he did grant partial summary judgment in favor of Kanolos insofar as it pertains to AP 3-1’s absolute prohibition on leafleting and declared this provision unconstitutional to the extent they while disturbing material does not impede access to the MCAB or is otherwise disruptive.  The Constitutions that Kanelos was handing out were viewpoint neutral and reasonable le in light of purpose of the forum.  If leaflets had a political message Kanelos’s might not have won this point.  I have attached a copy of the Judges’ order on this case as well.  He granted the Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment on all other issues.

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