When a Statist or a Collectivist Liberal Fascist wants to debate me about taking my guns or creating more gun control, normally, politely, I state that my Rights are not for negotiation or for debate; but if he/she really insists, out of goodness of my heart, and just for academic and philosophical purposes once in a while, I like to engage them in an honest exchange of opinions.
Here are my 3 standard lines I use for my short debates with liberal fascists who want to take my guns, depending how much time I have to waste.

1) My extremely short version of the "gun control" debate: "Fuck You."
Period, end of story, nothing to add. Even a liberal can understand that.

2) When I am trying to be more explicit, trying to articulate better my intentions, just in case I was not clear enough (you, know, I have an accent after all). My moderately short version of the "gun control" debate: "Do you want to get my guns? Fuck You! Come and try it."
You know, sometimes Liberal Fascists have some problems with linguistic and comprehension skills, so in these cases I do not mind to be more explicit and articulated.

3) But when I feel magnanimous, and I have time to donate for a good animal cause, here is my moderately long version of the "gun control" debate: "Yes, I have guns. Yes I have the Right to keep and bear arms. You like it or not. Period. I am so sorry to disappoint you and to ruin your day. I understand that you want my guns, and you have some serious mental and emotional problems, but I am not going to give them to you or anybody else, government included. So, therefore, I regret to tell you, Fuck You, and try to get my guns, you piece of spineless coward jelly fish hiding behind the government trying to deny my God given Rights. I am here, locked and loaded. Now you do the next move. Try it.".
End of debate about Gun Control.

Luca Zanna

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