My opinion about the Golden Valley Fire Dept


I have been asked by a board member of the GV Fire dept why a friend of mine

was going after the Fire District and himself. I have said many times, I speak for myself and I am nobody's spoke person.  Everybody is responsible for their mouth.

But since I have been asked my position about the ordeal of the GVFD here is my position

a)People's Apathy is the fertile ground for government corruption.
As general concept, I welcome every public scrutiny to any public agency or office.
It is our duty to question public servants, elected or appointed, especially when they use our tax$. So, the fact that some residents are questioning the use or alleged misuse of tax $ or alleged unethical behavior of some members of the GVFD board or personnel, it is something to encourage, always. No matter what. I'd rather to be overzealous than be apathetic.
People's Apathy is the fertile ground for government corruption.
Even if it comes down to a Recall. Always welcome. At least, regardless the results, it will give the opportunity to the residents to be better informed about what's going on with our local politics.

b) The GVFD Chief my position about him
I don't know the man in person and at the moment I don't know all the facts to pass an honest judgment on his work and ethics. But I know one thing, that it really make me lose respect about him. He has been invited to go on the air on KTOX with Dave Hayes. He had the chance to shut up the supposed lies and allegations brought up by mr Hayes.
I don't care about the excuse that the signal does not arrive in Golden Valley.
First there is internet streaming, second, it is called to be on the record and do not run from public accusations.
Chief you are a public figure, funded by tax $... you almost owes us, but more important you owe it to your dignity and self respect as man. Don't run when somebody challenge you in the arena of debate.
And I am not a Dave Hayes kiss ass. I disagree with him in a civil way many times.

c) The famous Ambulance Drama
For what I understand, and please correct me if I am wrong, now if I get in an emergency situation and the GVFD shows up with their ambulance, I need to pay extra for the ride? If this is the case, this is pure robbery, also called double taxation. I already pay with my taxes the Fire District, why should I pay again in case of an emergency? I don't care that it cost little less than a private business offering the same service. I have already paid with my property taxes.

d) Jail labor force = SLAVERY
It is not almost worth my time to even point this out. It is wrong in so many ways. First morally, we are now back to the slave labor... but more important economically we cut off the American workers... how can they compete with 25 cents an hour wages? Especially when most of the Fire dept personnel make over $60.000 a year, this is an insult to all the rest of us who work in the private sector.
This behavior belongs to China or Russia not to America. Where is free market when we have to compete with crony capitalism where slave labor is used?
And then, I have heard voices, that some of this labor has been misused for personal property?
Is that true? It is time to investigate and put all these allegations behind once for ever.

e) Where there is smoke may be some beef
A lot of talking of alleged misconduct in managing tax $. I don't know all the facts, but I am ready to go through the books of this GVFD and if I find that have been some abuse of authority and waste of tax $ I will personally sue the responsible/s for fraud and theft and whatever we can put on the book.

f) Did I hear about another Station?
Please if I am wrong, correct me and I'd be happy to be wrong. If it is true that we are going to be forced to pay for another Fire Station in Golden Valley... I think we have lost our senses.
We are not in Kansas anymore... We are in economic depression, one of the worst time of our history... we don't need more taxes.

1) Be civil. I have no drama with anybody. Friends or Foes.
I always put the truth and facts before personal relationship and I am always glad to see regular people taking their time and effort to monitor the public business.
Let's open the books, let's not be afraid to talk about the facts, without personal or emotional sides. That's why lawyers are for. 

2) Dissolve the Fire Dept. Period
I feel that all this drama would not exist if we were free to buy the same service on the free market, like the insurance company. If I own a house, I must have a contract with a company that provides fire safety services. If this was allowed it would create on the free market enough private companies to compete and offer better service and better rates than what we are forced to pay now as tax payers.

Now, enough of this. I have to go back to work to pay part of the salary of our GV Fire Chief.
I have heard he makes over $94.000... In my opinion way over paid for Golden Valley AZ.
Not even our supervisor makes that money... ridiculous. But I am glad now I know about it.
It gave me the inspiration to probably run for the next fire dept board position.

If you like the status quo, wish this never happen.


Luca Zanna

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