I, Gianluca Zanna, former legal immigrant from Rome Italy,

now naturalized American and proud Citizen of the State of Arizona,

a law abiding Citizen, till the laws are just and within the boundaries of our United States Constitution and Bill of Rights,
a peaceful and not violent man, until illegal violence will be used against my persona and my fellow Americans,

I stand in front of God as my witness,

in the date of the 27th of December 2012 A.D.

I pledge my life, my wealth and my honor

that I will never comply to any gun confiscation
and I will never surrender any of my guns, rifles or weapons guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution and by the Arizona Constitution, to any federal, state, local or foreign agency that will try to enforce any unconstitutional illegal act with the purpose to deny me of my God given Right of self defense for my Persona and my Liberty.

I am aware of the risks that I may incur for my life because of this decision.

I understand that the odds to survive any act of not compliance are against me,

and this is a serious matter, but so it is my dignity, my liberty as American and my Second Amendment.

In case of a gun confiscation, not only I will not comply with it,
but I intentionally will refuse to hide or separate my persona from my guns,
and I will bear them as I normally do every day of my life in the great State of Arizona.

I ask God for courage, strength and resolution to uphold my oath.

I ask my fellow Americans to join me in standing together for our Freedom, for our State Rights and for the defense of our Constitutional Republic.

So help me God


Gianluca Zanna


Mohave County Arizona, 27th of December 2012 A.D.


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