First of all I don't believe in violence, I am a peaceful man who believes that the first weapon against evil is Love, followed by knowledge and spirit of sacrifice toward our fellow men.

I am aware that we live in a physical dimension where the battle between good and evil interacts in physical ways, and besides the power of the prayers, I believe that also we need physical tools to save the innocents, life and liberty. The nazis were defeated with spirit of sacrifice of great men but they were armed and trained with many good rifles.

In my opinion, violence is the last resort, and it should be used only used to save lives and defend freedom.

A gun, a rifle or a shotgun... they are just tools.

A gun is neither bad or good. It is an object. Like an hammer. You can use it to build or to destroy.

He is the man or the woman holding it who decides if to do good or evil, if to save a life or commit a murder. Let's not blame the guns. Let's blame the people. And let's not forget that for the criminal behavior of few, the majority should never have their rights infringed or denied.

I believe that owning a gun does not make you a good shooter, and being good shooter is just the first step to become a good fighter. Mindset, training and then finally the gun... this is my order.

You are the weapon. The gun is just an extension of your will to defend your person or liberty.

I believe that carrying a gun is not for everybody. Yes, it is an individual right, but it is also a personal choice, that everyone should make only after a deep process of introspection.

Ask yourself: can you be able to use it, in case you really have to? It's a moral and ethical dilemma.

Be honest with yourself.

I don't carry a gun because of fear. I carry a gun (normally more than one) because I have no fear.

No fear to face evil, no fear to save a life, no fear to defend liberty and to defend my country and my fellow Americans even with my life if necessary.

I don't carry a gun because I am violent, I carry a gun because I want to stop violence, because I want to deter violent acts, because I realize and fully understand that violence is only the last resort, and I will try everything I can to avoid it.

Carrying a weapon, it is a symbol of freedom. It means to be entrusted by our local and state government that I am a law abiding Citizen, until the laws are just and Godly.

In the history of civilizations, like during the Romans, the Greeks, Egyptians... Slaves were and are never armed... I carry because it is a reminder to the State that I am not a slave.

“With your gun you defend your person, with your shotgun you defend your castle, with your rifle you defend your freedom.”

I consider my rifle the extension of my soul to defend Freedom and America.

Since I moved to Arizona I carry a gun every day of my life. And I also train as much as I can.

This is not an hobby, not a sport, but it represents a duty, as an American, to be the last line of defense against all enemies, foreign and domestic.


Luca Zanna

Italian by birth, American by choice, Arizonan by gift of God

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