I am receiving several emails and IMs about the fact that the Paris terrorist attack was a simulated event.
I have an open mind but I was not there. Regardless I am very aware of the concept of "false flag". Most of the times even false flags have real deaths (ex 9/11, Oklahoma city bombing). We have solid evidence that we should point out before we go into things we cannot proof: the Obama administration and the State dept. has been training and financing ISIS the last 4 years at least. Obama has been using and covering ISIS to destabilize that area (Lybia) and trying to overthrow Assad in Syria. These are facts. We have also main stream media and official pentagon documents that proof that. No politicians or media is pointing this out. Was France a false flag? I bet it was, or at least they had previous knowledge of the imminent happening. The European governments are allowing it to happen: allowing thousands of "refugees" without any real back ground check (like here in the US). The France government had their air carrier in front of Syria just day before the "terror" attack, the magic Syrian passport, government drills the same day of the attack... Now they have the "casus belli". And so NATO.
And so Obama telling us that we have to get rid of Assad so we can stop ISIS (the same ISIS that Obama's regime and the CIA has been funding and training)... such an insult to our intelligence.
here we go, ready for WWIII and as the first shit hit on US soil, the so much desired Martial Law that will make Obama the new Dictator (gun confiscation, martial law, NDAA 2012 indefinite detention, use of the military on US soil and the whole show starts).
This still does not change the facts that the Muslims who follow Mohamed as their role model/prophet are dangerous to a civilized society: would you trust baby sitting your daughter with a pedophile who married a 9 years old child and went around chopping heads of not believers?
The reality is that Evil is real. Regardless if these terrorists are just pawns for a bigger chest game, they are real. They have been around for over 1400 years, converting by force, raping, pillaging and murdering.
In the immediate presence of evil is our duty to be ready to defend our self, our families, the innocents and our Country... but we never must forget the final goal to find the real masterminds among our elected leaders accountable to have allowed and financed such crimes against humanity
Just my 2 cents

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