Protest in Kingman: COME AND TAKE IT OBAMA!

When: Friday 25th of January High Noon 12.00 PM

Where: in front of Mohave County Office Sheriff Office 600 West Beale Street Kingman, AZ

What: a P
eaceful Assembly of law abiding Citizens to protest the unconstitutional illegal executive orders of Mr. Obama
restricting the right of keep and bear arms to law abiding Americans, and protesting any unconstitutional act of the US Congress to attempt a gun registration, confiscation and/or assault weapon ban.

The message is clear and simple: COME AND TAKE IT Mr. Obama, we will not give up our God given rights.

Everybody is welcome to join. Open Carry is welcome and so sling carry of rifles, following safety and Arizona laws of conduct of carrying weapons in public.

The event is not sponsored or organized by anybody or any organization.
This is just a spontaneous peaceful assembly of law abiding Citizens protected by our First Amendment that support our US and Arizona Constitution.

We stand behind Mohave County Sheriff Tom Sheahan for his commitment in defending our US and Arizona Constitution in Mohave County.

Luca Zanna

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