For all the people who support Socialism, and you come and challenge me about the failure of the Capitalistic system, here is my answer. Let's not confuse Corporatism with true free market. What we have today is the union between State and corporations = Fascism, or crony capitalism, just another shade of socialism that includes corporate welfare.
In the socialism system the masses use the force of the government to legally steal from the individual, and there is no true private ownership.
Instead Capitalism is a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, in which all property is privately owned.
Bottom line, I'd had no problem if a group of people wanted to pursue their utopistic socialistic world without forcing and stealing from others, without imposing their will on others. But the truth is that they still need somebody else's wealth and the fruit of their labor to achieve their parasitic vision of economic. To do so, they will use the coercion and violence of the government to achieve their goal. The difference between people who believe in Capitalism and people who believe in Socialism: We are not trying to impose our will on you, and we don't need you. Instead, you socialist leeches, you need us and you need the fruit of our labor to survive. You will use violence against the individual to impose your system. That's when Second Amendment kicks in. Got it?
I am not in Italy anymore: I did not come to America to become your socialist slave.
Luca Zanna

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