Mohave County AZ May 8th 2012 
My name is Gianluca Zanna and I am naturalized American Citizen, former Italian national, now proud Citizen of the State of Arizona.
Premise: I am a law abiding person, with an immaculate criminal records, never been arrested, not even a speeding ticket since I emigrated to America almost 14 years ago. I believe in God, I believe in Liberty, the US Constitution.

I am a not violent person, I believe in peace and I always try to avoid any confrontation (I never been even in a fist fight since I came to America), but I believe in the Second Amendment and the rest of the Bill of Rights.

I am a pretty boring person, beside the fact that I can be pretty outspoken when comes to the US Constitution, Freedom and individual Rights. I am a professional songwriter and I write political songs, that reflect my political opinions.

Today is May 8th 2012 and I have just found out thanks to my Antimalaware software Malwarebytes that my computer has been and it still is under cyber attack by the DoD Network Information Center or Department of Defense... the US Military??

Through a reverse search IP address I was able to find out that the IP belongs to the DoD.
Why the Military is trying to spy (or maybe is already successfully spying) on a law abiding American Citizen on US soil?
Maybe because I support the US Constitution, and Bill of Rights?

Maybe because I believe in God? Or Maybe because I am not afraid to exercise my First Amendment Right?

Or maybe because I am a gun owner? Maybe because I don't believe in world government?
Now we live under Martial Law thanks to politicians like congressman Trent Franks, new world order puppets like Bush or Obama that have sold out their soul to vote or sign for the the Patriot Act, the Military Commission Act, the 30.000 drones allowed to spy on Americans, The NDAA 2012 that "legalizes" the use of the Military on US soil against American Citizens, with power of indefinite detention... without any due process, of course, just because you are a "suspect" terrorist, of course.

My message for you that are destroying our Republic, spying, preying and harassing innocent Americans... SHAME on YOU... may God forgive you because I don't and I won't.

I am not afraid to stand against Tyranny and expose your evil.

You can hack and spy on my computer all you want, but I will not back down in opening my huge mouth and expose the first class pathetic scum that you are.
Please fellow Americans, spread this information to everybody in every way you can.

Please Media, do your duty in researching and exposing these facts to our fellow Americans.

Watch my video, Make your own research and let's expose these wanna be tyrants.
Let's make our Founding Fathers proud... let's make our next generation proud...

let's not be afraid to stand for Freedom. Don't live the rest of your life with the regrets of things you did not do or say.
Let's get our America back.

Gianluca Zanna

I have specified that that are 2 different IP addresses that are trying to attack my computer: one is IP and the other one is IP
they both belong to DoD

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