We have been brainwashed at least the last 30 years that America is a democracy. President after president, no matter what party affiliation, they have been repeating the same mantra: “we are a democracy” “we must spread democracy” and so go on. Our founding fathers never even mentioned in the Constitution and/or the Declaration of Independence such double edged word. They feared democracy and so should us.

We have been and we supposed to be a Constitutional Republic. Period. The basic different is that in the Republic the rights of the individual always are protected against the coercion of the “majority” and the collectivists. After all, democracy (from the ancient greek power of the people = mob rules), means that 51% of the people with their votes can “legally” take the rights and/or the property of the remaining 49% . Simple as that.

There is a long term plan to destroy the concept of sovereign Nations and from their ashes to create a global government, a so called “New World Order” under the control of an unelected elite of international private bankers. These central banks are private corporations (even if federalized), like the Federal Reserve. They are in charge of most of the nations monetary systems, having been granted the power by the governments to issuing fiat money, and therefore the income tax was created to repay the interests to these private bankers, creating a new class of serfs. (research “Grace Commission” under President Reagan).

Now even main stream media has been admitting that this global government is real and more than ever is coming closer to be completed, but to do so, the final element to be put in place is to destroy America. We are the only Country in the world where the People used to have individual and inalienable God given rights, not privileges granted by the government or some bureaucrat.

As we are witnessing, America is under a systematic and planned destruction: financially, politically, morally and culturally. Only when America will be completely on her knees, the plan of the globalists will be completed and they will be able to push the reset button with their “new order”. They already succeeded in Europe with the creation first by stealth, of the European Community. Now it's our turn. To push the final dagger in the heart of this Republic, they need at least 20 millions of new votes at the polls (already controlled by the “electronic” voting machines with no paper trails of course), to create an irreversible unbalance to officially transform this Republic into a “Democrazy” where the masses will be used to steal any left over rights of the American people and to transform America in another socialistic dictatorship. Let's remember that who control the media, control the masses... who control the masses control the votes.

Amnesty is the final dagger to push into the heart of this Republic.

Imagine now, at least 20 millions of illegal aliens, being able through chain migration visas to bring relatives and family, to doubling their numbers... ready to vote at the next elections.

This is not just a democrat party problem. Both parties, at the top level, are controlled by the globalists. During the town-hall of 2009 I have tried to warn the voters of Mohave County about the supposed to be Republican Sen. McCain, a true puppet of the globalists. At the time I was laughed at, or demonized by my own party just because I wanted to share his voting records, and the County government did not allow me to that. I had to file a federal lawsuit, just find out that the first Amendment at the time was practically gone in Mohave County.

I wish I were wrong, but today, you can see the reality: we have been sold out.
Sen McCain, Sen Flake if you can read this letter, voting for Amnesty you are guilty to pushing this final dagger in the heart of America. And every American that still support you is as guilty as you are.

I am just a former legal immigrant from Italy, but I will not be silent while I witness America being destroyed in front of my eyes.

Not only as a naturalized American I find morally wrong to give a reward to people that have previously broken the immigration laws, but also as former legal Immigrant I find it discriminatory and unjust. I had to follow all the laws and more than 7 years of legal journey to finally become an American, and I realize that it was all a farce, because, all I needed was a pair of sneakers and being able to jump the fence at our southern border. Then our Sen. McCain and Flake would have taken care of me, rewarding me with amnesty. It's like if you are a bank robber, and you surrender, the cops won't arrest you, but they let you keep the re furtive, after you pay a fine of course.

Americans, regardless what will happen, now it's our time to speak up.

Silent is consent.


Luca Zanna

Italian by Birth, American by Choice




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