They own also the Sun, shut up SLAVE and ask for a County permit!

Are we slaves or free? Even in Mohave County where I live,

we have been accustomed to being docile serfs.

Forget about the federal government,

forget about being a business, I am talking about servitude

in our own residential,

private, already over-taxed home: does the County own the

Sun above our roof? Then why not even the air we breath?


We the slaves must ask for a "permit" and pay a fee to use

the energyof the Sun to install a solar system on our roof. 

Are we so used to being good puppies for so long that

we don't even react anymore to this type of abuse?

Where is our pride as Americans?

Would Thomas Jefferson or

George Washington put up with this fascistic behavior?

Asking for a permit to install a solar panel--and on top of that,

paying a fee to use the Sun?

Am I reading it right? Are we really so domesticated?


Somebody can come to our home and tell us to jump,

and then we all jump?

If so, this proves that the county government owns the SUN,

so we must ask

for a permit to use its natural energy.

Let's at least admit it: we are good slaves.

I hope I am wrong... please somebody prove me wrong!


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