"A sick population cannot fight a revolution, it cannot stand for freedom but it will be dependent and it will the defend the same system who is keeping it in bondage."

The globalists want you sick and dead:, but they will first milk you like a cow, before to bring you to their slaughterhouse and feast on you. They will keep you healthy enough to allow you to work as a slave for their corporations, taking back through the income tax part of your labor to pay the "interests" on the debt to a private corporation called Federal Reserve. They own the banks who own your homes, they own the pharmaceutical industry that is designed to keep you dependent on their drugs, like a drug addict is dependent on his pusher. Then they will sell you the medications to "stabilize" the diseases they have created at the first place, and then when you think that you will finally be able to retire and you will have the chance to spend some of the money they have stolen from you (see Social Security)... you will be disposed like a carcass thanks to OBAMACARE.
Keywords: GMO, Vaccines, Fluoride, Aspartame, Chemtrails, MSG, Estrogen in meat, Corn Syrup, J Holdren, Ecoscience, CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, death panels, Psychiatric Drugs side effects, Agenda 21, Bill Gates Population control... WAKE UP, there is a silent war on humanity!

Gianluca Zanna

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Lyrics and Poemsby Gianluca Zanna