Where there is Freedom, Prosperity will follow

A message to our County Supervisors
by Gianluca Zanna

Wherever there is Freedom, people always prosper. It's a proven fact.

When America used to be the beacon of Freedom in the world, then we used to be the most prosperous nation among all. Same story for the different States of this Union, not every State is created equal,
and same for local communities like Counties, towns, cities, villages.

Ingenuity and Freedom can overcome almost everything (with God's help).

When Freedom lacks, people suffers and so does the economy.
Want to see an example: just look at California, one of the most abundant full of natural resources State of the Union... and still, it's gone broke.
My personal experience is even stronger. I come from a country like Italy, where for a small business or individual is almost impossible to thrive and survive, because of all the restrictions, red tape, corruption and oppressive policies... but more important, because you don't live under a Bill of Rights, but under a system of “corporate” regulations imposed to you by some power monger bureaucrats.

This oppressive environment destroys every breath of hope and desire to invest and create wealth.

Yes, Prosperity needs Freedom as food for the soul of the individuals that want to risk to invest and dare in creating wealth for themselves and indirectly for others.
The only condition to guarantee this desire in human beings is that certain basic individual Rights must be always protected.
Life, Property, Due Process and the basic individual Rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights should be always respected even and especially in the “County” Business.
Even when we are having business meeting, we should never disregard our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We don't want to live under Admiralty laws but under a Constitution and Bill of Rights. I want to commend the County Supervisors Hildy Angius, Steve Moss, Joy Brotherton, Gary Watson to have shown in the first month of their new mandate, that reinstating basic individual Rights is the most important message that we can send all over the world: here in Mohave County we are still America. This is going to be the most important tool to create wealth and prosperity.

As I speak I have 2 friends, business owners from California are putting their homes for sale, and ready to bring their business here in Mohave County. They did not need any County Agency for development to be motivated to move here.

They don't come here for the riviera, or for the beach, or the golf club, or the fine restaurants...

These individuals could afford to live any where in the world, but they want to come here in Mohave County because they want to live like free Americans, with a Bill of Rights and a Sheriff ready to defend it. They want to exercise their first and second amendment, they want to be protected “in their persons, houses, papers and effects” from unreasonable searches... and so going on.

While the rest of the Country is falling into the darkness of tyranny, here in Mohave County we are working hard to reinstating those Rights.

Even with all the problems, imperfections, things to improve and challenge, there is no other place in the world I would like to live myself, like in Mohave County Arizona.

Please Supervisors, keep the course of your great start.
Uphold our Constitution in every decision you will make and prosperity will follow with God's help.

Luca Zanna




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