There is a saying: “I have a gun to defend my person, a shotgun to defend my castle, a rifle to defend my liberty.”
My purpose for rifles: First of all, I am not an hunter. I barely eat red meat, even I have no problem to take a game in case of survival. So please I don't want to hear from some politicians or anti rights gun ban freaks, that my rifles have not hunting purposes. Just a plain screw you, that's all you deserve as an answer from me. The second amendment was not intended for hunting. Neither to defend ourselves against regular criminal scumbags. I can take care of that with my empty hands or just a 2x4 in most of the cases. The second amendment was intended to create the last line of defense against tyranny. Foreign or and domestic. Simple as that. It was to remind the government that We the People are the ones “-That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government”. From the Declaration of Independence. So, I don't go to the range to train with rifles for hobby or for sport. I would not spend so much of my time and money on a hobby. To be a Rifleman I consider it a duty and a pleasure. As hobby I look at the stars, or count my chickens. What means to be a rifleman?  In my opinion to be a rifleman  I consider it an act of love and commitment to learn a precious skill essential in the defense of Freedom of the individual and our Country. It is an act of love to being able to stand against evil in this physical dimension. I always carry an handgun because sometimes a rifle is too heavy to carry all day. And more important I carry a gun to fight my way to the rifle. The last thing I want to hear is from some globalist traitor pro new world order as vice president Biden, giving me advices on what I should have for the defense of my life and liberty. His 2 cents idiotic advice is typical of a tyrant who wants his subjects disarmed. No, mr. Biden, I will not give up my m14 for your double barrel shotgun, normally allowed just to peasants. No army ever won a war with a shotgun. Rifles, blood and courage created our Republic and made it free. And with God's help, we will take it back.

Luca Zanna

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