Somebody recently pointed out on my FB wall that being outspoken about some serious matters like corrupted government, new world order and similar, it makes me a target and it can be dangerous.
His "advice" was to keep the head down and Why make yourself a target?"
I appreciate his concern, but let me give you once for ever my true feelings and logic behind my actions.
With the premise that I am very aware of the dangers, I am not naive, and even I consider myself a nobody in this struggle, I realize that I already am on that black list, and I do not talk about the pathetic Southern Poverty Website list (I have been there since 2005), but about more serious lists. I have proof that my phone is under surveillance, so my computer and my websites are regularly monitored and more I do not want to say here.
But here are the reasons why I will not shut up:
1) Reason #1: the moment we become silent because of fear, we have lost our dignity of human beings and we are living like complete slaves. I could not be able to look myself at the mirror if i have fear to exercise my first Amendment. I gave up my Italian citizenship to become an American, and I would feel I am living in a lie if I am afraid to speak up my mind.Simple as that.
2) I said before many times, "we are all going to die, no matter what... it is only question of how". With our head down as serfs, or giving head butts while kicking and biting... i belong to this category, I guess I was born with it, it is in my dna, nothing I can do to change it.
3) We can win the battle: it is a question of strategy. It is millions of us and we could stop all this tyranny overnight. The moment that we reach critical mass and we are not afraid to show that we are aware of their plans, and we can point out names... they cannot kill us all, they cannot arrest us all... their illusion based on fear is what give them power.
4) My faith. I believe that this struggle on this earth is just a side of the battle between good and evil happening in another dimension... Sometimes we may lose this battle on this earth, but one day we will be judged not just for our actions  but also for our lack of actions.. silence is consent. if you are witnessing evil are you going to denounce it or just be silent?
I chose my path.
Everyone of us must follow their nature and their soul...
So, here I am, I hope is clear why I do what I do.
Luca Zanna

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