I am Gianluca Zanna, and I am a former Legal Immigrant from Italy...
Welcome to my Music Store and I appreciate your support in downloading and sharing my songs and my Music with your family and friends.
I was an Italian by Birth, but I became an American by Choice, and an Arizonan by Gift of God. Besides to be a Songwriter and Music Producer, I am also a Radio hostRomantic Poet, a Multimedia Artist, a Book Author, Survivalist, Rifleman, Roman Gladiator, Italian Cook,
Constitutional Activist but more important, I am a New American against the New World Order.

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 Lyrics & Poems
eBook by Gianluca Zanna copyright 2016

 The lifetime collection, documenting the emotional journey of a young man from Italy who made his dream for freedom a reality by coming to America.

Lyrics and Poemsby Gianluca Zanna