Don't Tread On US

by Gianluca Zanna

Released 2010
Zanna Records
Released 2010
Zanna Records
Songs of Freedom & Love for the Second American Revolution - ll Music and Lyrics by Gianluca Zanna
Italian by birth, American by choice
Gianluca Zanna, Constitutional Activist, Rifleman and Songwriter...
Italian by Birth and American by Choice, I swear my life, my honor and wealth against all Tyranny and the New World Order.

As the Italian Poet Dante went to political exile in the XII Century, thus an Italian poet of our times has chosen the voluntary exile and a new adoptive Country... America!

Luca Zanna, born in Rome Italy 23 June 1968.
My family is from Anzio a little town about 40 miles from Rome on the tirrenic sea, famous during WWII for a bloody landing of American and Allied troops. I've spent most of my childhood in Anzio, and the American Cemetery was my place that inspired me of one day becoming an American.
My family was under german occupation and liberated by American soldiers, so I always grew up with the respect and the admiration of American people that sacrificed their life for our freedom (listen to my song Thank You America).
Since in my high school years I was a defender of America.
I guess I was the only Italian pro America in my school...
When I was 16 I have joined the Military Academy of Nunziatella in Naples. After my Classic High School diplome, I was a drop out at Rome University Law school, since I knew that I was wasting my time in Italy... I wanted one day to be an American!
After a past of world travelling and windsurfing (South Pacific, Polynesia, Fiiji, Samoa, Canarias Islands...), before I emigrated to America, in Italy I was one of the youngest Publisher of Music Magazine (I founded and owned Contatto Discografico), music book publisher and music manager.
Oppressed by an unjust socialist system, and unjust tax system (pretty much like now it's becoming here in America), when I became 28 I have decided to shut down and live on the streets of Rome as a Roman Gladiator taking picture for tourists!
15 months on the streets of Rome, and finally I made my big step: I went to the US Embassy in via Veneto where I have successfully got a Visa to come to AMERICA!
I legally emigrated to America the october 1998.
The same year in Los Angeles I have met the woman of my life... my wife.
We live now in our own ranch in North West Arizona, after have fleed California, that is becoming more and more as the Italy that I have left: corruption, socialism and Illegal aliens and no second amendment.
I am John Birch Society Member, Guns Owners of America member and Arizona Citizens Defense League member.
I am a registred Republican but God, America and the US Constitution comes before any party allegiance.
President Bush is a traitor and puppet of the New World Order like his father, and he should be charged with treason.
I support Republicans as Ron Paul.
I despise Neocons like Mc Cain and similars globalists.
About Obama, I won't even mention his name, since I consider him as a marxist foreign agent with the goal to destroy America from within and create a New World Order.
I TOTALLY support Alex Jones and other patriots like him that have opened my eyes about the New World Order!
I believe that both parties the Democrats and the Republicans have been hijacked by the Globalists, and that the 9/11 it was not what we've been told and there are plenty EVIDENCE and cold facts to proof it!

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