For You (Acoustic Version)

by Gianluca Zanna

Released 2014
Zanna Records
Released 2014
Zanna Records
For You...
I would like to be a tear,
born from your eyes,
live on your face,
die on your lips...
A Renaissance man, with the privilege to have lived 2 lives.
One as an Italian, the other one as an American.
As the Italian Poet Dante went to political exile in the XII Century, thus an Italian poet of our times has chosen the voluntary exile and a new adoptive Country... America!
Luca’s unusual adult experience was the outgrowth of an unconventional childhood. He was born in Rome, Italy, and raised in the seacoast city of Anzio, one of the most pivotal places in the outcome of World War II. There, he spent much time with his maternal grandfather that he would often playfully sing to Luca about Arizona (Il Tango delle Capinere), where the young boy never imagined he would one day make his home. Living near the sea, Luca learned the love of freedom and wide open places, surfing and swimming almost daily.
His music influences: Kiss (only the early period till the Album Dynasty), Frankie goes to Hollywood, Lucio Battisti, Domenico Modugno, AC/DC, Duran Duran, Vivaldi, Garbage...
Instruments: Zanna plays a little bit of everything: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, bass, harmonica... but the brain is his main instrument. At 16 he joined the Military Academy of Nunziatella in Naples.

On the weekends, when most of the other boys would return home, Luca remained alone in the dormitory because he was most of the time punished for his rebellious character and his refusal to being bullied by his seniors.

After his Classic High School graduation, he was a drop out at Rome University Law school, since he knew that he was wasting his time in Italy... he wanted one day to be an American!

After a past of world traveling and windsurfing (South Pacific, Polynesia, Fiiji, Samoa, Canarias Islands...), before he legally emigrated to America, in Italy Zanna was one of the youngest Publisher of the Music Business Magazine (Contatto Discografico), he published music books (Vocal method of Elizabeth Sabine, the vocal coach of several rockstars from Hollywood like Megadeth and Axl Rose), Music Manager and Music Producer (he produced Aurelio RE).

Oppressed by an unjust socialist system where there are not individual rights, but just government's privileges, and an unjust tax system (pretty much like now it's here in America), at 28 he had an identity crisis, and he decided to shut down his business and performing on the streets of Rome as a Roman Gladiator taking picture for tourists!
He spent 15 months performing on the streets of Rome organizing also the first Roman Gladiators historical fights for exclusive Hotels and Restaurants. Finally he made his big step: he went to the US Embassy in via Veneto where successfully got a Visa to come to AMERICA!
He legally emigrated to America the October 1998.
Now he lives in Arizona where he writes songs and shoot guns...

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