Get Us Out of the United Nations

by Gianluca Zanna

Released 2013
Thrive Productions
Released 2013
Thrive Productions
World government through the United Nations is a serious threat to the freedom of all Americans! Get the United Nations out of America and the United Nations out of America! Spread this song with every freedom lover American!
Zanna is more than just a Songwriter, he is also a qualified Rifleman, Gun expert, Roman Gladiator and Italian Cook. Since he came to America he wrote (and produced) more than 100 songs.
But besides his musical talent, Zanna in his past life he has been a Music Manager, one of the youngest Music Business Publisher in Italy, a successful Internet Developer, Businessman, Roman Gladiator fighter, the first Roman Gladiator cook in the US with his Spartacus Cooking show, Wind surf instructor, World traveler, Rifleman... Romantic Poet, but more important Zanna is a dedicated American against the New World Order and any type of form of socialism/fascism.

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