Luca's Dance Songs

by Gianluca Zanna

Released 2013
Thrive Productions LLC
Released 2013
Thrive Productions LLC
Danceable rhythm and catchy beats meet great lyrics and melody. From entrancing to energizing, hear a different side to Zanna than you have in his popular political songs: this is the side that celebrates movements of another kind--dance!
In a space-age disco, "Dance in the Sky" with the Sleek, Fresh and even Haunting sounds on Luca's Dance Songs. The spectrum of style, from Euro Dance sounds, to Techno, to Romantically Dreamy Melodic, pulls you into the Universal Dance-floor with Zanna's trademark style of a supersonic tango between retro and ultramodern electronica. The album harmonically pulls together the magic of Rome, Italy, Los Angeles, California and the badlands and good-times in between, taking you to a dimension you enter only through DANCE.

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 The lifetime collection, documenting the emotional journey of a young man from Italy who made his dream for freedom a reality by coming to America.

Lyrics and Poemsby Gianluca Zanna