Luca's Romantic Songs

by Gianluca Zanna

Released 2011
Zanna Records
Released 2011
Zanna Records
An incredible collection of some of the most Romantic and touching songs composed by Gianluca Zanna, the Italian Songwriter Poet from Rome Italy... Over 16 tracks of unique Romantic Songs to share with your beloved one.
For You...
Romantic Love poem Free bonus track from the CD "Luca's Romantic Songs"
(Music and Lyrics by Gianluca Zanna - ASCAP copyrights 2001)
For You...
I would like to be a tear,
born from your eyes,
live on your face,
die on your lips...

For You...
I would like to be an angel,
always staying by your side,
never leaving you alone
in the darkness of this life...

For You...
I would like to be the wind,
blowing softly through your hair,
caressing you all nite,
sailing together in the sky...

For You...
I would like to be the ocean,
Let you swim into my arms,
let you sink into my love,
never leaving you alone...

For You...
I would like to be the world
and everything to you...
but tonite I'm just a man
... and I love you.

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