The Line in the Sand

by Gianluca Zanna

Released 2012
Incanto Records
Released 2012
Incanto Records
The Line in the Sand,
you know the time is coming
The line in the sand
are you going to watch while we are fighting
The line in the sand
just tell me now where you going to stand
How much more are you gonna to take it
How much more are you gonna fake it
I am Gianluca Zanna, and I am a former Legal Immigrant from Italy...
I was an Italian by Birth, and I became an American by Choice, and an Arizonan by Gift of God.
Besides to be a Songwriter, Poet and Music Producer, I am also an Oathkeeper, a Minuteman, Rifleman, Roman Gladiator, Italian Cook, Constitutional Activist...
a New American against the New World Order.

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