Lyrics and Poems

"Lyrics and Poems" by Gianluca Zanna is a lifetime collection, documenting the emotional journey of a young man from Italy who made his dream for freedom a reality by coming to America.
Many starting life as poems, he has written, published, and produced over 100 songs, ranging from romantic to political to inspirational with musical styles as diverse as folk, rock and techno. His lyrics are a reflection of the man himself: full of passion, dreams, and honesty--at times brutal, but always with the hope of contributing to a better future for freedom and the rights of the individual.
Gianluca Zanna began writing poetry as a child, sitting on his rooftop, facing the harbour of Anzio, watching the sun sink into the Adriatic sea. He carried his poetry notebook with him to boarding school in Rome and continued to fill it with his emotions while traveling around the world, looking for the "island of freedom." To Gianluca, poetry is an expression of his soul, like a natural instinct to breathe, and his poetry freezes those moments in time.
Through reading these lyrics and poems, you will enter the intimacy of a man's pure thoughts and passions, and gain a perspective of what it is to live in another person's mind. You will discover a refreshing simplicity and authenticity that always speaks from love about love, whether of self, of a lover, of freedom, or of these United States of America.
Zanna chose rural Arizona as his home where he enjoys life, shooting his guns, continuing to write songs and books, ultimately creating his own island of freedom surrounded by the wilderness of the South West.

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