A Letter to all Gun Control Supporters

Luca Zanna against Gun ControlDear gun control supporter, 
please take few minutes of your precious time between your marches on the streets and crying in front of tv cameras.
This letter may help you in understanding better the matter of gun control in the United States of America.

Dear gun control supporter...
I could tell you that “Right of the People to keep and bear arms” is an individual and unalienable Right, and no collectivist decision can take it away.

I could tell you that the Second Amendment is not to hunt, or to defend ourselves from common criminals, but it the last line of defense against a tyrannical government. Period.

I could tell you that our Founding Fathers died, bled and sacrificed everything they had for our unalienable Rights enumerated in our Bill of Rights, among those, our Second Amendment. Even if you do not like it.

I could tell you that history has proven that where guns are only in the hands of the State, freedom and people will die. Every tyrant in history had always disarmed the population.

I could tell you that the infamous AR15 is not an assault weapon, but it is just a semi-automatic rifle chambered in a caliber that is not powerful enough to even legally hunt in some states. The letters AR stand for ArmaLite, the original manufacturer of such rifle.

I could tell you that if a young man or woman at 18 can go to war, buy a house, pay taxes, vote and have a family, they should have the right to buy a rifle.

I could tell you that the same politicians and celebrities who are using you like useful idiot for their gun control agenda, they have armed bodyguards and probably they have guns for themselves.

I could tell you that guns do not shoot by themselves and for sure do not assault anybody unless there is a bad person pressing that trigger.

I could tell you that Gun Free zones signs will stop only law abiding citizens but will be ignored if not laughed at, by criminals. Therefore, Gun Free Zone is a Kill Zone.

I could tell you that one common factor behind all mass shootings is that all the shooters are under some sort of mental medication, but for sure you will not hear that from big pharma controlled media.

I could tell you that your logic to disarm law abiding people, so that bad people will not commit violence, is beyond illogical. Even a sheep would understand that wolves will not spare them because of their lack of way to defend themselves.

I could tell you that criminals do not need background checks to buy guns. And for sure they will not comply with any assault weapon ban.

I could tell you that in Italy where I emigrated from, only the State and the Mafia have guns. There gun control does not stop innocent people from being killed or being assaulted.

I could tell you that government have been found too many times, using or manipulating crisis to take away the rights of the people. Check in the dictionary the word “False Flag”.

I could tell you that guns in the hands of law abiding people, do not kill, but they save life, like a hammer in the hands of a carpenter can build a home or in the hands of a criminal can crash a skull.

I could tell you that law enforcement have no legal duty to protect any individual citizen
from crime (DeShaney v. Winnebago 22, 1989).

I could tell you that if you want to live in a 100% safe society, maybe you should apply for a solitary jail cell.

I could tell you so many more things, but the end, the most important thing I want to tell you is that our Gun Rights are not for debate, neither for vote. 
If you want them, literally, you have to (try) take them from us. 
Millions of Americans who took an oath to defend this Republic and its Constitution like myself, will prove you wrong.

Gianluca Zanna
Naturalized American

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