Perfectly Crazy Erotic Poems and Love Visions

 Welcome to my collections of Erotic Poems and Love Visions, a work that spans over 3 decades of my life. I’ve selected for this book, some of my erotic and love poems I wrote since I was in my early teens while still in Rome, Italy: some are sad, some are romantic, some are sexual, some are mad, but all come from real emotions that I have processed through my heart and lived on my skin. I realize that some of my poems are not for the fainted at heart.
I want to be clear: I am not here to pretend, this is who
I am, or at least who I have been in my life. Some of these poems you could find morally not acceptable to the average standard. Some of these poems are part of my present, some part of my past. For sure I am not average when comes down to love and relationships.
Even I consider myself a conservative when comes to politics and economic, and I am a strong supporter of individual rights, when comes to love and sex, I am not your “conservative” guy… at all. I feed on emotions, and I need emotions to create. I have no shame to share my feelings.
I loved and I love women, and since I was 15 years old,
I have been blessed by their company. I am not asking to agree with me, but I ask you that if you feel offended by my poems and lyrics, because of your morals or religion, with no drama, I warn you to just do no read this book. No hard feelings. I respect you for who you are.
Please just do the same for me.
The last thing I want is some wanna be preacher private messaging me on Facebook or emailing me at 1 am trying to give me moral sermons to save me from hell.

I bow down to no man. I have no popes, no preachers, no pastors or prophets…
only God can judge me.

With Love

Gianluca Zanna

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