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Luca Zanna Roman Gladiator in Rome as Spartacus
I was born in Rome and in my past life, when I was still an Italian, I used to be Spartacus on the streets of Rome. In the late 1990 I was the first Roman Gladiator to recreate historical accurate Roman Gladiator simulated fights for tourists, schools, restaurants and hotels. I want to share with you the techniques that I've learned in Rome from one of the most famous Italian Stuntman Elio Bonadonna... a chief weapon choreographer in many famous movies about the Ancient Rome and Roman Gladiators (one that I love more is "Barabba" with Anthony Queen).
Here are some of my coming e-books and gladiator websites.

"How to be a Gladiator"  the first e-Books collection for real and simulated Roman Gladiator Training.


How to cook and eat like an Ancient Roman” Authentic Ancient Roman Recipes from the Imperial Rome using ingredients of our times. Discovering ancient culture and knowledge...


How to Work Out like a Roman Gladiator”, learn how to Workout like a real roman gladiator and get a Free plan how to build your roman gym.


How to eat like a Roman Gladiator”, Ancient roman recipes and diets of the Roman Gladiators for energy and strength.


How to make your leather roman wristbands


How to make your leather roman gladiator belts


How to make your leather roman gladiator Arm Guard (manica)”
- The first Roman Gladiator school on the web