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Perfectly Crazy

Gianluca Zanna ebooks authorBesides writing songs, I love to write books... Here is my new line of e-Books that I am working on and I am also the Publisher...

Knowledge is a powerful tool!
Use it!

"Lyrics & Poems"
- Gianluca Zanna - Songwriter, Poet, Rifleman, Freedom Activist - Order it here on Amazon

"Perfectly Crazy" Erotic Poems and Love Visions by Gianluca Zanna with FREE AUDIO VERSION ORDER IT HERE ON AMAZON

How to become a Gladiator"  the first e-Books collection for real and simulated Roman Gladiator Training.

How to speak Romantic and flirt in Italian

How to speak nasty and swear like a real Italian"

How to communicate with your hands in Italian” 

Italian Aphrodisiac Cook Book" The First Italian Aphrodisiac Cookbook.

"How to make Pizza”, how to make pizza from scratch with 30 Pizza recipes!

"Bruschetta Recipes”, the art of the Bruschetta with 30 Bruschetta recipes and how to make Italian bread from Scratch.

"Farro Recipes”, the first e-book about Farro the healthy grain from the Ancient Romans, 30 unique recipes for every occasion!

"Quinoa Recipe”, learn how to cook this super food... 30 unique recipes!

"How to Sprout, be healthy and cut your produce bill”, the e-book that teaches you everything about sprouting, buying seeds, becoming healthy, feeding a family while saving money at the produce shop.

"How to cook and eat like an Ancient Roman” Authentic Ancient Roman Recipes from the Imperial Rome using ingredients of our times. Discovering ancient culture and knowledge...

"How to Work Out like a Roman Gladiator”, learn how to Workout like a real roman gladiator and get a Free plan how to build your roman gym.

"How to eat like a Roman Gladiator”, Ancient roman recipes and diets of the Roman Gladiators for energy and strength.

How to make your leather roman wristbands

How to make your leather roman gladiator belts

How to make your leather roman gladiator Arm Guard (manica)

"How to eat healthy, plenty and tasty with just $3.00 a day”, a unique e-book must have for every survivalist or health conscious individual that wants to eat gourmet for almost free.

"How to become a Rifleman

"How to market and start your business on the Internet for FREE”

"How to Shoot and train with the AK47 rifle style

"How to Shoot and train with the M14 Rifle

"How to Shoot and train with the AR15 Rifle

"handgun Training for Self Defense

"The Gun owner’s workout” the first workout for gun owners... with your rifle, shotgun or handgun... get fitter, get faster, get stronger.

"How to start a US Corporation with bank account without being a US citizen”,
A unique e-manual that explains how, where and when to go to open legally your US Corporation even if you are not an American Citizen... with a bank account!

"How to become an American Citizen”... a unique e-manual where a former Italian National shares his experiences and knowledge, with interviews with US Immigration lawyers on how to become a naturalized American Citizen... legally and with love for America!!