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05/30/2012 Don't Tread on US song is used in the Movie
CONSENT of the Governed: The Freeman Movement Defined as the end title song
(go to 2:45 to listen to the song)

08/24/2011 Final mix of the single "Come and Take it" Now available on, and

10/31/2011 New Digital Release of "Luca's Romantic Songs", a compilation of 16 of the most Romantic and Hit songs... with some brand new releases. Download it here

Launching my new career as Painter ""

Started my new Radio Show on KTOX 1340 AM Love, Guns & Freedom

02/2014 Released my CD "Love, Guns and Freedom"

Very honored to collaborate with a great patriot and movie producer, now even music distributor of my songs Paul Wittenberger just finished to produce a super compilation of some of my best songs I wrote the last 10 years... great job Paul and thanks for sharing my message and my music... My FB friends I invite you to support this production... it is really good, and you have 1 CD with a mix of many of my best patriotic / political songs in my humble opinion