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My second painting, called the "Black Hole" it's an oil painting with an authentic 1 dollar bill and pennies... everybody can find their interpretation.

Sale Price: Make an offer.

"Resistance" original oil painting by Italian born Political Activist and Musician Gianluca Zanna. Composed on 24" x 36" gallery wrapped canvas; multimedia art with a real 4" x 6" United Nations flag pierced by real gunshots (9mm and 223) fired by the author to symbolize the spirit of freedom putting holes in cages of deception. The painting is signed by the artist and created March, 2013, in Mohave County, Arizona at the artist's rural residence. Inspired by the artist's song, Get US out of the United Nations, downloadable on itunes or Amazon.

Contemporary Abstract Surrealist work with political symbolism and a message of hope that through resistance, individuals can overcome even the most gargantuan powers of aggression and domination.
The United Nations, just one aspect of forces that would limit free humanity's potential to thrive, spreads its bloody hands world-wide, attempting to smother humanity with tentacles of fear and control. Passionate brushstrokes show that Peace through war is not freedom, and resistance does not surrender freedom to propaganda or fear.

This is a painting of the courage to live free.