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gianluca zanna romantic poetLuca Zanna's Poetry
Before I started to be a songwriter, I was a poet, especially a Romantic Poet. Since I was 9, I started to write my own poems while other kids were playing soccer, I was kind of a different soul.
Never really comfortable in a crowd, very sensitive, sometime, thinking too deeply for my age, sometimes thinking too much... looking for answers to my existence in books and in my soul. That was me at 9, and probably still now.

As a junior high student, I studied Ancient Latin and Ancient Greek and I also discovered a love for the great Italian poets of the classical past, like Ovidio, Catullo, Dante, Petrarca, D'Annunzio and… I admired their ability to transmit feelings and pictures in a few brief phrases as a way to fight for what they believed in whether it be love or politics.

Finally I am publishing my first collection of lyrics and poems and thoughts...

Coming soon my e-book

"Zanna: Poems, Thoughts and Lyrics"


here is one of my favorite romantic poems I wrote...

Also here one of my websites