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Luca Zanna is the host of Love, Guns & Freedom Radio ShowBroadcasting is one of my passions, that now has become real and it is giving me a great opportunity to reach people from all over the world with my message and music.

I am the host and producer of the Radio Show "Love, Guns & Freedom" the Radio Show for Freedom Loving People... I talk about Guns, tactics, training, mindset, but more important how to take our Rights back, with love of course, but don't forget the guns :).
Every Sunday at 11:00 AM for two hours live on KTOX 1340 AM, and all over the world on

Also, I am launching my own Web Radio Station where I will be producing the following shows:

Spaghetti Western Cooking Show - Learn how to Cook Italian Recipes with the flavor of the South West - The web radio where you can learn Italian while dedicating Italian Serenades to your special one - News, Hotels, Restaurants, Recipes, Proverbs and Music from the Eternal City... Rome! - News and Information on how to become an American Citizen while learning History and the Founding documents of these United States of America. - Romantic poems, Romantic music, with the most Romantic DJ in the world Me:)