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Perfectly Crazy

Hello Luca, I wanted to follow up with you now that I have had some time to listen to your music completely.
It is by far some of the best music I have ever heard, rarely do you ever buy music and have all of the songs enjoyable and current expressing meaning.
So I will say thank you for being an American and a man with a set of balls...

Steven W. Black from California

Luca, you are the Patriot I love and admire. Thanks. God bless you and may God continue to bless this Republic.
Stay vigilant and stay free.

former AZ Senator Russell Pearce


Sir i wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart , i listened and watched the video it brought tears to my eyes, i then forwarded the web link to 100 chained eagle members here in ohio ,and kentucky. i have recieved emails back from some wanting to know more about your web site so please send any info as how to join in...
glenn c. norman

Got the CD. Terrific stuff and I'm honored. Gianluca: Many thanks for your note and for the truly fine thoughts and emotions you wrote in your poetry. I enjoyed reading your work. You are the sort of solid citizen that makes this country great. Wish we had more like you. Welcome to America.
Capt. Dale Dye USMC (Ret)

Luca I just received your CD It is so great every radio station should
be playing your music. Please let me know when you release another
A fan forever!


Awesome Music Why this music aint playing on the radio? When I first heard DON'T TREAD on US and WAKE UP AMERICA that was it I was hooked. Everytime I play this to my friends they love it. END THE FED
by FiremanFighter
Hello There !
Just wanted to drop a note. I greeted you at Safeway today and wanted to get you my email.
You Kick Ass !
Ray H. from Kingman

Gianluca: Welcome to America - the home that has always been in your heart and in your soul.
You are the visionary of today and the Patriot of old. Like Washington and Franklin and Paine and Jefferson and Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt and eisenhower and Kennedy and Reagan and the thousands of other truly GREAT LEADERS of this ation - you are indeed - ONE OF THEM!!
Today - more than ever - America and Americans need YOU - and others like you!! Americans need to be reminded that freedom and liberty require eternal vigilance and the willingness to die - if need be!! The time to choose up sides - is now, for another great revolution is upon us and the call to arms may be the destiny of this "older" generation - those of us who have been tempered by war and the tragedies of war. Men and Women who have looked the devil in the eye and have survived to fight another day!! You are my friend - my fellow American. We are among good company and our sacred oaths to God; to Duty; to Honor and to Country - will sustain us in every battle - in every conflict - in every victory and defeat - UNTILL THIS WAR IS WON AND THE EVIL IS EVICTED FROM OUR NATION!!


I can't express how moved I am, for all you have done in a relatively short time.
You are the "American Dream"! An Immigrant from Italy, in a Foreign Country, living in Small Town America, becomes a Citizen, then takes the lead to protect American rights for all of us.
Bless your little Italian soul. Oops.....American Soul!

You are AWESOME man!!
Gregory Harris
Shreveport, Louisiana

Hello, Just got your CD "WAKE UP AMERICA" and I love it!!!! I pump up the volume when driving to let people know that some of us still have pride and LOVE THIS COUNTRY..
Look forward to your next PRO AMERICAN CD

John Rose
Running Springs, CA

Wow, there are a lot of America's that have sold out to the other side. Look at the crap that they write regarding Luca Zanna's video and song, "Thank You America." Luca, recent new american joined MMP, CMM, and now even has his own Minuteman group called "High Desert Minutemen." He wrote and produced this song and video. Judge it for yourself and write your own comments. I think you will like it. I certainly do. Especially knowing where he came from and that his soul is in this song. His feelings towards America shame most of us that were born here.
James L Chase
Founder CMM

I love your cd, Im going to purchase one right now. As I listened to it I can hear and feel the passion that you have for our great country AMERICA. I only hope that many many more Americans will finally wake up and also feel the passion for our country. I want you to know that America is very lucky to have such a great American as you.
Thank You Luca for sharing your passion with us all,

Anna Montanez

We listened to your CD on the 160 mile drive to Birmingham, AL last month, so our adrenaline was flowing by the time we arrived. It was a thrill to see over 1200 other activists at the AL Tea Party.
We are your fellow Minutemen, AZ in April and Oct. Thank you for being such a patriotic new American!
"King" George didn't like the Minutemen either
Best wishes,
Lawrence & Diane Headrick
Tunnel Hill, GA (near Dalton, the "carpet capital of the world," home to a majority of illegal aliens now)
D&L Headrick"

Hello Mr. Zanna,
A freind of mine was playing your CD last weekend and it reminded me of how awesome you were at the thing in Phoenix a while back and I thought I would look you up and send big props. I really admire your talent. Your lyrics are really great, especially for a guy who doesn't have english as a first language. When you sing man you sound like Bon Jovi. No accent at all. How do you do that. So awesome. you should be on cable.
What are your plans for the future? You must be so busy with your career. but my freind told me you have been really active with the Minutemen and were the star of this big vegas convention. I admire your dedacation. I wish I could afford to do more but I have to work. I would love to go help out on the border but I have kids to feed. How do you balance earning a living and working for such an awesomet cause? I mean I can't even get to vegas for fun let alone go speak or sing their. Maybe they pay your way since you are becoming so famous lately? I hats off, dude. You are true proof of what a LEGAL immigrant can accomplish in this country and I have total respect for you.
You're Pancho Villa song is my favorite.
Thanks you, Luca, a true American


Dear Mr. American,I came across your website today and I've been looking through it for the past 2 hours, crying my eyes out, and I'm barely half-way through. Your poems, songs, and movies are so inspiring and touching! I'm a 31-year-old, born-and-raised American, and I guess the hate from the around the world, towards America, has gotten me down recently, and that's why your website has been so uplifting. I know why America is great, but sometimes it's hard to make other people understand it, if they don't live here. We certainly aren't without our faults, I know that, and you know that, but the good and the great FAR outweigh the bad. And as you have shown, it is our responsibility as Americans, to make it an even better place to live.
Thank God for you, Mr. Zanna. You've inspired me to hold my head up high and not let the negativity of the world media get me down, because they just don't understand what it means to be an American. I'm so proud to call America my home. And I'm so proud to call you my fellow American, my neighbor, my friend.


Mr. Zanna,
THANK YOU Sir for such a beautiful song and video, "Thank You America". As a retired Army Veteran I can not tell you how deepily this song has effected me. I listen to it over and over everyday. After serving this GREAT Nation for well over 15 years and being involved in 4 different conflicts/wars, this song brought tears to my eyes. Especially since it brings back so many memories of my service time good and bad and all the service men and women including a few friends who have died in the Line Of Duty for this Great Nation. This song speaks DIRECTLY too and of all the Military and Veterans of Our Great Nation. The video to this song is just so wonderful as well. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for highlighting Our Military Men and Women in your Video. This is the greatest Honor you can bestow on them!
I discovered your music and work through the Minuteman Project website for which I am a member now. You feel like my brother because your views and outlook on life and this Country fit right into our families views just like you were one of ours. Welcome HOME BROTHER! Your song "Thank You America" perfectly describes me, my morales and values to a TEE. The song speaks to me in more ways than one and it's strengthens me when I feel down about what is happening to America these days. THANK YOU!
Welcome to OUR Country, I am VERY THRILLED and overwhelmed you are now one of US. With all you have done for this Great Nation so far with your music and words which is by far more than 50% of the citizens of this Country have ever done is a great accomplishment. To honor you for what you are doing is there ANYTHING I can do to help promote you and your album? If you would allow me, I belong to serveral Veteran org. and would love to promote you album and website to as many people as I can.
I am VERY THANKFUL that a man of your stature and who is an "Passionate Defender of the American Constitution and Heritage" is now an American and living in Our Great Nation. American has just become a lot stronger thanks to you! I am very happy that the HONORABLE President George W. Bush has honored you with Thank You Letter, you deserved it!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for HONORING our fighting Men and Women. Stand tall and keep waving Old Glory, you have EARN IT!!!!!!!!

Welcome Home Brother!

Todd Homman
Florence, KY
U.S.A. Retired
100% Disabled Veteran

Mr. Gianluca Zanna
Congratulations on becoming an American! You are the very best kind of American. You are an American who loves his country. There are many people who were born in this country who are citizens, but they are not Americans. They may have citizenship, but they get up every morning hating their own country and everything it stands for. Being an American has nothing to do with where you were born, it is about what you have in your heart. We need more citizens like you.
I am a proud American just like you. My grandparents were immigrants (also legal) and I thank providence every day that they came to this country so I could be born here. I spent 26 years in the US Army and I served in many countries. (My oldest son was born in Pisa, Italy.) But no matter where I was I always longed to return home to America.
I was touched by the song you wrote in honor of Randy Shughart and Gary Gordon. Even after all these years I still feel great sadness at their loss. They were courageous soldiers who gave their own lives to save their fellow soldiers. They were great Americans.
Warm Regards,

Greg Anderson

Luca's music is nothing less than outstanding. No, Luca did not ask me to write this review. His music did. If you get tears in your eyes when you hear the Star Spangled Banner and America the Beautiful, Wake Up America is the CD for you! From start to finish, Wake Up America is solid gold -- 22 tracks of emotion-filled songs straight from the heart and soul of poet/composer and Minuteman Luca Zanna, legal immigrant and proud new American citizen. This CD is Luca's way of thanking America from the bottom of his heart, the proceeds going to help grassroots organizations, like the Minutemen, to preserve Liberty in America. His music is reminiscent of that of the late 60s and early 70s. It varies from the rousing rendition of the title song "Wake Up America," to the gutsy sounding "Just back from Hell," the poignantly beautiful song of America's fallen heroes "The Wall," and the stirring "Remember the Alamo." A few of the other songs included are "The Second Amendment," "Two Angels from the Chopper," "Live Free or Die, "Thank You America," "Get Us Out of the United Nations," "The Minutemen," and "Pancho Villa Stops Here." It is American history set to music. Unlike most modern music, you can actually understand the lyrics and the music does not give you a raging migraine headache. In fact, though I have not sung professionally in more than twenty-five years, I was singing along almost from the beginning of the CD. It is simply that good. Lastly, I want to say thank you to Luca Zanna from the bottom of my heart -- not just for the fantastic CD that has become the pride of my collection, but because he chose America as his home and because of all he does to show his gratitude to his adopted country. Luca Zanna is an American patriot. America desperately needs men and women like Luca Zanna.
Welcome to America, Luca!


Yours in Liberty,
Henrietta Bowman
Sierra Times Editor

First off, congratulations on becoming an American citizen! Your music is amazing! I am a conservative teenager blogger, and I have your music. I was wondering if I could use some parts of it as entry music for my weekly audio blog. If I can, please tell me which songs and how much I can use. I'd really appreciate it! Keep up the good work, and continue being proud to be an American!

REAL Teen (Justin H.)

love your work, you are very talented, i too one day would like to be a very talented poet. I've been writing since i was 10. I'm 16 and i love poetry.
Isaias g. from Texas

I am so glad to have come across your website, it has such beautiful words, thank you. I am an Italian american living in the states, in the south. I miss Italy, and it's beautiful landscape, so nice to have a taste of romantic....
marry me....
Isabella N. from New York

Thank you my dear for writing such sweet things, and then sharing there sweetness. I am truley enamoured with your words....thank you
~Randi M. from Georgia~

Dear Mr. Zanna,
I very much appreciate your poem thanking America! I would like to thank your country for standing beside us in our fight against terrorism.
And, I would very much like to use your wonderful poem on my personal web site - It is only viewed by our family and friends and I am making a page now that will have a photo of my daughter and her husband with Former President Bush at a Texas A&M football game. I would like to use your poem on that page. It is a family only website and I will not use your wonderful poem in any other way except to share with my family and friends.
Thank you in advance.
Rita B. from Texas

Beautiful poem!
Katrina J.

Dear Luca, (Ciao)
How are you? I'm fine, my name is Suzan A. & I just read your
poems & to tell you the truth they're amazing...
Suzan A. from Saudi Arabia

One day I was searching in net for an Italian poem and I found your
Chiara. And now I have got a chance to speak to the man whose mind created all
that. Great!
Olga from Moscow Russia

I love your poem "For You...", I was just wondering if you had an
Italian translation for this beautiful poem. It is only too beautiful to be
spoken in one language.
Kelly M.

Ciao, my name is Tammy. I am italian and i love your poetry.
Tammy L. from New Jersey

Dear Luca.......I am in great admiration of your beautiful poetry....The one poem of yours that truly captivated me is...."For You"..........I would be truly grateful if you would be kind enough to e-mail me the Italian version of your magnificent work, which will allow me the privilege of being able to read your poem in its Original Italian form.........
Graciously....Judith....Princess V.

Ciao, come va...i just want to say your poems are very sweet and romantic, who was your musa?? the way, my name is Fiorella and I live in miami, stai attento, ciao !
Fiorella from Florida


Hello Luca, Your poem, Chiara, expresses so beautifully the feelings I have for the man I love.
I hope I hear from you. Your insight would mean so much to me. Thank you.
Maryanne T.

Ciao Luca,
I would like a poem about: 2 people who live far apart at the moment,
and they miss each other so much. I met someone in Firenze while I was on holiday and I am from Melbourne Australia.
He is coming to visit me in August. grazie molto
from Australia

Wow, Your poems are beautiful, filled with such emotion.
Thanks for sharing.
Anne Marie P. from New Jersey

Ciao bello

Alba W. from New York

Hello Luca, My name is Nikia and I just wanted to tell you that I was very taken by your poem, Chiara. A handsome man and a deep and soulful heart? Wow, the woman who inspired you must be proud!
Best of luck to you in all that you do. Ciao,

Nikia (New York City, USA)

Hey Gianluca:
Loved your poem Thank You America. It's straight from the heart!
Rick T. from Canada

Dear Luca, M
y name is Maria L., and I am from Australia. I just wanted to let you know that your poem has touch my heart. Keep the good work up.
Maria from Australia

Hey..I was searhing the net for Italian poems, and I stumbled over your site...I LOVE your poem Chiara...I write poetry myself...but this poem just...went stright to my heart..
Keep up the great work of yours, love and light

Siv from Norway

We met at the Navajo County Lincoln Day Dinner.  Thank you for your CD.  I have listened to it a few times now, and your passion and sincerity are evident in every bar.  We need you my friend. One of the speakers this past weekend at Freedom fest talked about the need for cultural out reach.  Music is a wonderful way to spread the message.  One of the figures the speaker cited was that 15% o the people can make decisions based off of logic and reason, the other 85% are emotional in nature. Music is emotion and if we are to reach the 85% we will need to speak their language.

Please keep rocking we need you. 

Matthew Papke
Volunteer for Liberty!